g*d and man(dated)

Keeping government out of religions’ business is a far more important facet of “prohibiting the free exercise thereof” than preventing “Under God” from ever being uttered in public places. We should appreciate wishes for both within reason; mandating Catholic schools to prescribe health care that runs contrary to their faith – regardless of benefits and because it’s available via other means – is not reasonable.Receive Bacon

If bacon was shown to be efficacious against several forms of cancer
— and, by Cthulhu, may it found to be so —
would the government mandate madrasahs and yeshivas to prescribe it? If beef short-ribs prevented avian flu, would a Gurdwara be fined for not serving them?

(btw – I firmly believe in birth control. Parenting well is the hardest job there is; entering it unwillingly wont make it easier and is likely to be good for none involved.)